Kingdom Rush

Games are tower defense based games in which your task is to defend your Kingdom from all sorts of enemies that will attack your Castles in your Kingdom in waves trying to destroy it and you need to build towers in order to stop them coming from point A to point B. If you love games that are tower defense based than you will adore this Game that are available to you 24/7 without registration or instalacion completely free and safe to play. You can play them with your friend and defend your Kingdom together! Kingdom require from you to use tactic when you build towers because latter in the game enemies will be harder to kill. You can use all sorts of the help when you find yourself in difficult situation, but use the wise because you can’t use reinforce so often.

How To Play Kingdom Rush Games

In Kingdom you have to defend a lot's of Castles that are in your Kingdom. Lots of levels and every next level will be harder than previous one so you need to give your best and defend every Castle from enemies hordes that will try to destroy them and rule. In Each Kingdom you have four types of towers that you can build, each tower have their own special ability, some will frozen the enemies, some have great range, some have good fire rate and some will slow the enemies down. Every tower cost gold to build and you earn gold by killing enemies, try to kill as much of them so you can get as much gold. Build towers on strategic places because latter in the game that will be very important thing to do in order to beat waves of enemies. You have 20 hearts at the beginning of the game, for every enemy that pass by your defenses you lose one heart so be careful. Don't forget to upgrade your towers and special abilities from time to time in order to easier and faster kill hordes of enemies. Try to complete all the Achievements.


If you are gamer that love to defend, to build, to upgrade, to use tacktick, to kill all sorts of creatures then these Games are right for you, try every and each of them. Prove how good you are in these tower defense games, stop enemies from destroying your Kingdom. A lots of challenges awaits you in these games, a lots of levels and lots of Castles to save. One is for sure, game will give you the fun that you need while you are playing do don't waist time and start this adventure, beat challenges, complete Achievements, kill enemies, earn gold, upgrade, improve, defend and enjoy in these awesome Games that have everything that you ever wanted in one tower defense game. Have Fun!

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